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Aerial Lake
Farah Hafen, April 3, 2020

20 Things to Do in 2020

Can you believe it? . . . it’s 2020 baby! Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve been around for a decade or two (or three or four). That may sound like a lot, but we’re willing to bet even with all the time and wisdom under your belt, you haven’t experienced all that Henderson […]

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Our Favorite Trails
Farah Hafen, April 18, 2020

Our Favorite Trails

If you’re reading this, chances are there is no need to convince you of the benefits of getting outdoors. Whether you’re seeking a way to spend time with your family & friends, wanting to get some exercise or just needing to clear your mind and rejuvenate, getting outdoors for a quick mile loop or spending […]

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Farah Hafen, April 10, 2020


After spending the day in the warm desert sun golfing, hiking, paddleboarding or just lounging at the pool, it’s always nice to go back to your hotel room, take a shower (let’s be honest. . . and a nap), and pull yourself together in your best “evening look.” Once you’re ready to go, you ask […]

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Enjoy a Half-day in Henderson!
Farah Hafen, April 3, 2020

Enjoy a Half-day in Henderson!

Wondering what to do with ½ a day? We got you! The day may only be half, but the fun is sure to be full! Below are our suggestions of what you can do in the small amount of time you are in Henderson. Pick one, maybe even two if you can, then just plan […]

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Family Vacation
Farah Hafen, April 3, 2020

Family Vacation Experiences all Near the Neon

Whether indulging in delicious chocolates, jumping and sliding through an aqua park, or getting up close and personal with a giraffe, Henderson has something for every family. These activities are so hassle-free and easy to enjoy, your biggest challenge will be determining who gets to pick the activity. Regardless of what your family decides to […]

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2 Days in Henderson
Farah Hafen, April 3, 2020

2 Days in Henderson!

With a variety of activities to enjoy, we are here to help you make the best of your 2 day stay in Henderson. Have your family with you? Great, these activities are kid-friendly. Don’t have your family with you? Great, these activities are adult-friendly too. Day One ~ Lions, Chocolate and Patio Dining, oh my! […]

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Things to do in Henderson

From golf and art to shopping and spas, Henderson is bound to keep you busy, day and night.

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